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Lisa Newill-Smith


First Round

David Wishart


Participants Duo 2024.jpg


Franz Schubert

Auf dem See D 543 (Goethe)  - 1R

Ständchen D 889 (Shakespeare)

Franz Liszt

Tre Sonetti di Petrarca, S 270

1. Pace non trovo   - 1R

Robert Schumann

Myrthen, Op.25 

1. Widmung (Rückert)

Hugo Wolf

Spanisches Liederbuch

4. Die ihr schwebet um diese Palmen (Lope de Vega/Geibel)

39. Weint nicht, ihr Äuglein (Lope de Vega/Heyse)


27. Die Spröde

Anna Teichmüller

Erdenkindleins Wiegenlied Op.7 No.1  (Carl Hauptmann)

Henri Duparc


9. Chanson triste (Lahor)    - 1R

Erich W. Korngold

Four Shakespeare Songs, Op. 31

1. Desdemona‘s Song

2. Under the Greenwood Tree

4. When Birds Do Sing   - 1R

Ivor Gurney

Five Elizabethan Songs

4. Sleep (Fletscher)

Richard Strauss

Drei Lieder der Ophelia, Op.67 (Shakespeare/Simrock)

2. Guten Morgen, ´s ist Sankt Valentinstag

3. Sie trugen ihn auf der Bahre bloss


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Lisa Newill-Smith


Year of birth:


Soprano  Lisa Newill-Smith is a passionate interpreter of contemporary music and  music by female composers. In 2023/24 there are concerts in Milan and  in the Theater Vorpommern on the program. In 2022/23 she sang works by  Ullmann and Oliveros with PHØNIX16 at Märzmusik and a chamber concert  with Theater Vorpommern. She has become a semi-finalist in the John Cage  Award 2023.

In 2021/22 Lisa sang in the Louvre and  at the Xenakis Festival at ATONAL Berlin with Phoenix16. She has  performed Capriccio by Rylan Gleave and sang in the John Cage Workshop.  Her other world premieres include Queen Gwenevere (Merlin, Beal), Young  Woman (Absolved Passions, Wishart), Mauer Broadcast (Bielawa) and Winter  Sun (Wishart).

Opera highlights include Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Echo, Gretel and Helene.

David Wishart


David Wishart is a pianist, composer and conductor who has been working  in Germany since 2014. In 2019 he was musical assistant at the Deutsche  Oper Berlin for the premiere of Czernowin's Heart Chamber. He has been  working at the Vorpommern Theater since 2020. He has a passion for  unconventional music making. At the Theater Vorpommern he has arranged  several pieces, including Talk to me (2022), in which “David Wishart  alternates as musical director and accompanist between piano and  keyboard, sensitively and stylistically presenting the variety of  different motifs.” (Opernglas). He also often performs with his partner,  Lisa Newill-Smith, including on her project Women Who Composed, which  explores rarely performed music by female composers.

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